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When someone passes, while the family is busy making arrangements to lay their loved one to rest, others are wondering what they can do.

Donating a memorial for services, do whatever you can, a good rule of thumb is to donate what it would cost to send flowers. Honestly, in our experiences, if you send a card, it’s greatly appreciated by the family, knowing that you took the time and you were in their thoughts is enough.

There are no rules for kindness. Offer to help clean up, do laundry, cut grass, run errands, pick up medication, help make out thank you notes, etc. At a time of loss, the loved ones are usually running around trying to figure out the next step and having someone help with the daily things allows the family to grieve as well as take care of the necessary arrangements.

Finding that any gesture of kindness you do in support of a family who has recently lost a loved one, is always a good thing. People don’t like to ask for help, so if funds are available for you to offer a donation, be of service.

Selecting a memorial is one of the issues faced by many families preparing funeral services for a loved one. When selecting a memorial there are a few things to take into consideration. Choose a memorial that has meaning to your loved one. If they loved animals, the Humane Society, military, American Legion, your church. We suggest keeping it local as many of the larger charities’ funds tend not to trickle down to smaller populated areas.

Whatever you do, do it with kindness and love in your heart. The family will appreciate you going out of your way remembering them during their time of loss and you will feel good about helping someone in need, even if just in need of a kind word.

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