Gateway Services Inc. achieves CQL Quality Assurances Accreditation

Gateway Services Inc. main offices are located at 406 S. Gosse Blvd. in Princeton.

PRINCETON — Tracy Wright, CEO, announced that Gateway Services Inc. has been awarded the three-year Quality Assurances Accreditation from CQL, The Council on Quality and Leadership.

This award confirms that the organization embraces person-centered solutions to improve the quality of life for people receiving supports and services.

Gateway Services provides supports to adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in Bureau, Marshall and Putnam counties through a variety of programs including residential services, community employment, day program, home-based support and community mental health counseling. Supports are tailored to individuals’ choices in order for them to live the lives they dream of. Gateway’s mission is “Empowering People, Enriching Community.”

“We are pleased to have received another three-year accreditation,” Wright said “We have gained so much knowledge in the past three years that we have partnered with CQL, and we’re not done learning yet. The accreditation process has helped us bring about some positive changes, and our focus is much more person-centered, as it should be. It’s important that we continue to set higher standards and not just settle.”

When Gateway Services partnered with CQL to pursue accreditation, it undertook a rigorous process to review and improve supports and services. The efforts of Gateway Services were focused on empowering the people who receive supports to pursue what really matters in their lives, and achieve their personally-defined outcomes.

Gateway Services has been awarded CQL accreditation as a result of demonstrating proficiency in the following areas:

• Basic Assurances — Ensuring fundamental safeguards related to health, safety and human security.

• Personal Outcome Measures — Supporting and empowering people to achieve their goals and dreams.

• Person-Centered Excellence — Demonstrating organizational commitment to continued enhancement of systems.

“CQL commends Gateway Services for its success in increasing the quality of life for the people it supports. We are pleased to partner with them on this journey of ongoing organizational transformation,” states Mary Kay Rizzolo, president and CEO of CQL.