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Videos: Spring Valley mayoral candidate removed from council meeting after yelling at political opponents

John French says opponents have it in for him, says he’s ‘going to fix this town’

Spring Valley — A Spring Valley mayoral candidate used the public comment portion of Monday’s council meeting to issue attacks at his opponents, ultimately finding himself escorted out by police after several warnings to tone down his rant.

John French told the council he wanted to address the issue of theft in Spring Valley, but indicated it wasn’t theft in general; he’s concerned about the 300 political signs of his he said have been stolen. French said police have been notified but have done nothing to mitigate his losses.

French blamed his fellow candidates, saying his political opponents have been taking his signs and he has proof — though he declined to present any evidence of the claims at the meeting.

French, who hosted an event at a downtown business Sunday, said none of the other candidates are willing to debate him, instead accusing them of calling the police on his event.

Mayor Walt Marini told French several times to tone down his rhetoric and voice, warning him the meeting was not the place to debate his political opponents.

French then shouted at the mayor saying he hadn’t done “anything for the city” and he was tired of paying high taxes to a city that doesn’t bring in any business. He also accused one of his opponents and a local printing business, telling the council the candidate offered to bribe the business not to work with him.

“I’m not like any of these aldermen sitting here, I’m going to do something with downtown. I’m the best man that’s ever gonna run this town. I’m not like you Walt, I’m gonna do something. I’m gonna fix the downtown at no charge, at my expense.”

French’s opponents, most of which were present at the meeting, refuted his statements, saying it is categorically untrue they touched any of his signs.

French, who interrupted the mayor, several aldermen and his fellow candidates a number of times was escorted out of the meeting by Police Chief Adam Curran after a rant in which he said alderman Ken Bogacz told him the mayor hired people to run against him.

“You ain’t gonna do it buddy, that’s twice you tried. I’m gonna win this election and I’m gonna fix this town.

“Spring Valley is going to be something because of me.”