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Sarah Kinkin makes Spring Valley police history

Kinkin is first woman on the department to be promoted to sergeant

SPRING VALLEY – Sarah Kinkin has earned a history-making promotion, becoming the first female officer in the Spring Valley Police Department’s history to be promoted to the rank of sergeant.

Kinkin, whom Curran praised as one of the city’s “finest officers,” started her career with the department as a trainee in January 2011.

Curran, who was her training officer, said there were some ups and downs during the training period, but there was never any doubt in his mind that she would make a great full-time officer for any department.

“I could see that she strived to improve in every facet,” he said. “I hoped she would remain here in Spring Valley.”

Kinkin was hired by the department in December 2013.

Kinkin is a certified juvenile officer, crisis intervention team member, lead homicide investigator and sexual assault investigator. Additionally, she has a background in mental health and elder abuse training.

“In her years as an officer in our department, Officer Kinkin has been involved in many investigations from petty thefts to homicides. Not only has she been involved in these investigations, she has been an integral part as well,” Curran said.

“Officer Kinkin shows her commitment to the police department as well as the citizens and community on a daily basis,” he said. “She takes on any task you give her, and I never doubt she will complete these tasks thoroughly, promptly and with vigor. She is always eager to learn new things and will volunteer to help in any way she can.

“The police department and the city are lucky to have such a fine officer in our community. As a field training officer, I was always taught you train your officer to be the next supervisor. Today that comes to fruition.”