September 28, 2022
Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: The bad old days of health care

At every opportunity, Adam Kinzinger has voted with his party to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The GOP and this administration have been promising a new health care program for 6 years and have produced nothing. As a member of Congress, Kinzinger has outstanding health care. Taxpayers pay 72% of his insurance premium.

Kinzinger wants us to go back to the bad old days of health care when insurance was unaffordable or denied if a person had diabetes, or cancer, or multiple sclerosis, or COVID, or was pregnant. He wants to return to the time when a woman’s appendectomy or knee surgery was more expensive than a man’s. Those were the days when a young person starting out, had to get their own health insurance at about age 21. Those were also the days when 23 million Americans had no insurance or access to health care at all.

Adam Kinzinger has his health care either way. That’s good enough for him. Dani Brzozowski believes affordable health care is a human right. Don’t vote for the bad old days of health care. Vote for Dani Brozozowski for Congress.

Cathy Johnson
Marengo, IL