Whiteside County property
transfers recorded Oct. 5-9

Warranty deeds

Barbara A. Rhine to Christopher L. Stubbs, 814 12th St., Erie, $20,000.

Joseph Dykstra to Wayne and Mary Miller, one parcel on Smit Road, Morrison,$175,000.

Lynda A. Warren Estate and Scott D. and Jeffrey P. Slagle to Kevin Patrick Dunn, 410 Park Court Lane, Morrison, $73,500.

Rex Lasson to Nicholas L. Vance, 722 Broadway Ave., Sterling, $89,900.

Charlene J. Nysather to Bradley W. Cushman, one parcel on Spring Valley Road, Morrison, $42,315.

Craig D. House to Curt J. and Sharon House, 24939 Indian Ridge Road, Sterling, $0.

Douglas D. and Rosalouise House to Curt J. and Sharon House, 24939 Indian Ridge Road, Sterling, $0.

Craig D. House to Curt J. and Sharon House, 13475 Galt Road, Sterling, $0.

Allen P. and Jessica A. Wade to Robert A., Nydia I. and Tara M. Beer, 2107 Sixth Ave., Sterling, $260,000.

Sheryl A. Beien to Alan T. Vervynck, 1106 Fifth Ave., Sterling, $78,400.

Patricia J. Pettenger to Gage Garrison and Brittany Snyder, 2017 E. Lafevre Road, Sterling, $125,000.

John F. Park and Kaylene M. Becker to John Pieper, 29890 Penrose Road, Sterling, $151,400.

Pamela D. Lohman heirs, Jody L. Heppner and Gregory T Lohman to Mark W. and Jody L. Heppner Trust, 6672 Cordova Road, Erie, $0.

Visitant Properties LLC to J. Carmen Figueroa and Patricia Montes, 807 W. Fourth St., Sterling, $45,000.

Brandy E. Darby to Franklin D. Brantley, 19527 Spring Valley Road, Chadwick, $100,000.

Robert A. and Nydia I. Beer to Raul and Bonnie J. Mendoza, 905 Douglas Drive, Sterling, $112,000.

James D. and Haley N. O’Neil to Charles S. and Beriah R. Zigler, 403 W. 14th St., Sterling, $92,400.

D & L Investments II to Jeffrey A. and Carla R. Zajicek, 806 and 816 Fourth St., one vacant lot and 319 Ninth Ave., Fulton, $180,000.

Cody Ulve to Charles Chamberlain, 1905 English St., Rock Falls, $20,000.

Rodman D. and Frances R. Williamson to James Garcia Jr., 609 E. Third St., Rock Falls, $144,900.

Ryan D. and Maria M. Sager to Anthony J. Garcia and Victoria Maria Reyes, 1104 Parkview Drive, Rock Falls, $141,000.

Michele Scent and Lisa King to Abigail Kathleen Noble and Anfernee D. Campos, 609 E. Third St., Rock Falls, $72,500.

Scott Dillon to Tony Cavallari, 306 Grace Ave., Rock Falls, $33,500.

Steven L. and Pamela S. Workman to Harkness Properties LLC, 2510 Locust St., Sterling, $200,000.

William D. and Gwyn A. Brown to Phillip E.Shipley, 1415 E. 35th St., Sterling, $0.

Gabriel Capilla Jr. to Damien J. Ross, 609 W. Sixth St., Sterling, $102,900.

Dixon Habitat for Humanity to Whiteside Area Vocational System, also Career Center, two Parcels in Sterling Township, $0.

Sarah Landwer to Tami Tucker, 1503 Griswold Ave., Sterling, $50,000.

Allen P. and Jessica A. Wade to Robert A., Nydia I. and Tara M. Beer, 2107 Sixth Ave., Sterling, $260,000.

Quit claim deeds

Fatima I. Udoiwod to Jackie Trades LLC, 401 E. Second St., Sterling, $0.

Timothy A. Butts to Joseph and Melissa Butts, 911 Washington St., Prophetstown, $5,000.

Doyle D. Fullington to Jamie L. Henson, 1736 Griswold Ave., Sterling, $0.

Doyle D. Fullington to Patricia L. Cain, 5007 and 5101 Anne St., Galt, $0.

Susan L. Olsen to Darrell Gooch and Susan L. Olsen, 406 Spring Creek Court, Albany, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

Richard F. and Bonita J. Wagner, trustees to Barnett & Company LLC, 15151 Vans Road, Fulton, $65,000.

Richard V. Skates Trust to Douglas R. and Kristine R. Skates, one parcel in Sterling Township, $0.

Ann L. Reed Trust and William J. Adams Sr. Trust to Korey Foreman, 20736 White Oaks Road, Morrison, $185,000.

Joyce I. Medema Trust to Lori J. Mays Trust, two parcels in Union Grove Township, $0.

Ronald J. and Jacqueline L. Williams Trust to Cory K. Springman, 2009 15th Ave., Sterling, $110,000.


Sheriff of Whiteside County and Edward Nelson to Mill City Mortgage Loan Trust 20191, 28619 Woodside Drive, Rock Falls, $0.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County property transfers recorded week of Oct. 5-9:

Warranty deeds

Michael A., John A., Margaret M. and James A. Stees and Wendy Sue Cover to Jeffrey Moore, 107 S. Butler St., Nelson, $53,000.

Michael A., John A., Margaret M. and James A. Stees and Wendy Sue Cover to Downie Properties LLC, 112 Railroad Ave., Nelson, $64,000.

Joshua R. and Kristina A. Koehler to Danielle K. Hall, 216 May Court, Dixon, $91,500.

Hvarre Holdings LLC to Patricia J. Pettenger, 1525 Eadens Place, Dixon, $140,000.

Michael S., Leon C., Beverly M. and Susan C. Gittleson, also Miller, to Jarvis Trust No. 75, James W. and Linda K. Jarvis, trustees, one parcel in Bradford Township, $14,470.

Jerry R. and Cheryl L. Thorne to Joseph A. Klein, 705 W. Santee St., Sublette, $165,500.

Robert P. Kromm to Glen A. and Joseph G. Foulk, four parcels in Brooklyn Township, $1,031,850.

Christopher M. and Holly A. Melvin to Patricia J. and Jacob W. Ackert, 1918 W. Leopold Drive, Dixon, $335,000.

Wesley C. Morrissey to Christopher and Holly Melvin, 1433 Jane Drive, Dixon, $210,000.

Jacob and Patricia Ackert, also Cooper to Jesse Noyes and Rebecca Sofolo, 304 Spruce St., Dixon, $120,000.

Michael Betz to Adam P. Betz, 1080 Melugins Grove Road, Compton, three parcels in Brooklyn Township and three parcels in Viola Township, $2,350,000.

Jerry A. Brink to Kimberly D. and Wesley C. Herwig, one parcel in White Oaks Estate, Dixon Township, $6,250.

David R. and Susan A. Degelau to Adam Christian Mairs, 1525 Brooklyn Road, Ashton, $85,000.

Joshua J. Shaw to Adam H. Eisenberg, 907 W. Fourth St., Dixon, $78,000.

Dolores Miller to Kahla D. Davis, 708 S. Dement Ave., Dixon, $78,000.

Jeffrey A. and Carol J. Schnaiter to Anne L. Dickison, 314 N. Jefferson St., Amboy, $172,000.

Up to Code Properties LLC to Maximus Allen Nimmo, 407 S. Dixon Ave., Dixon, $120,000.

Maxine L. Porter to Zachary A. Miller, 1017 Academy St., Dixon, $72,000.

Mark Mourek to Virgen Del Carmen and Flor Gonzalez Jr., block 29, lot 163, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

Corrine Motyka to Rocio Zepeda, block 29, lot 372, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $10,000.

Emer Parra, Jesus Perez, Sandra Moreno, Carla Andris also Parra to Christine M. and Alexander Hogdahl, block 2, lots13 and 14, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $12,800.

Brian A. and Jennifer L. Belluomini to Mary A. Montbriand and Debra L., Keith R., Charles Anthony and Karen M. Weitermann, block 23, lot 41, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $40,000.

Luis and Shirley Gonzales to Jasmine F. Carrasco, block 7, lots 88 and 89, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $11,000.

Joan E. and Daniel A. Dennis to Flavia and Bevin Lamb, block 20, lot 60, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $25,000.

Russell Beger to Antonio and Nunziata Terracciano, block 25, lot 61, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,000.

Woodhaven Association to Kevin M. and Christine Lee Kearns, block 10, lot 72, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,000.

Woodhaven Association to Jose A. and Silvia Zepeda, block 29, lot 380, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,700.

Catherine A. McBride to Gabriel Aponte, block 22, lot 22, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,000.

Rhonda L. and Federico Rombero to Cirilo Gonzalez, block 29, lot 22, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $9,000.

Gilberto and Margarita Raices to Jimmy LaBoy, block 9, lot 66, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $10,000.

Michael J. and Jeanine Gracek Marcheschi to Michelle A. Koonce, block 14, lots 61 and 62, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $7,500.

Quit claim deeds

Frankie and Veronica Hernandez to Lashaun and Arminda Singleton, block 15, lot 87, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Susan R. and Tomas Hernandez Jr. to Melinda Marie, Melissa, Susan Ramos and Marissa Hernandez, block 12, lot 29, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Dawn Flint and Kirk Bauer to Ricardo Espinoza, block 6, lot 161, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $3,500.

Nancy J. and Edward S. Clow to Mary Jo Thomas, block 27, lot 146, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Maria Quiles to Amalia Reyes, block 17, lot 87, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

John C. and Stephanie Thanos to Jeraldine A. Elliott, block 14, lot 63, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Douglas A. Pettenger to Paula S. King, 2540 W. Shaw Road, Brooklyn, $0

Douglas A. Pettenger to Neal D., Kurt D. and Adam A. Pettenger, one parcel in Reynolds Township, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

M & A Trust, David L. Book, trustee, to Michael J. and Aaron D. Book, two parcels in Reynolds Township.

Source: Lee County recorder’s office

Ogle County property transfers recorded Oct. 2-8:

Warranty deeds

Clinton Douglas Glendinning to Aaron Javier Ramirez Perlata III, 124 Autumnwood Lane, Davis Junction, $169,000.

Joshua S. Roop to Christopher J. Groleau, 507 N. Walnut Ave., Forreston, $57,100.

John and Tammie Liston to DY holdings LLC, 500 W. Holden St., Woosung, $50,000.

Scott and Stacey Valden, also Volden, to Andrea K. Young-Hernandez and Luis M. Hernandez Ruiz, 16910 E. Hillside Drive, Davis Junction, $152,000.

Steven M. and Joanne E. Pennock to Sarah Young, 150 Terrace View Blvd., Oregon, $152,000.

Cole J. and Bethany N. Davidson to Wayne K. Carter and Amy K. Krisch, 501 S. Seventh Ave., Oregon, $158,000.

Nathan R. and Richard D. Boelkins to Pine Creek Properties LLC, one parcel in Pine Creek Township, $225,500.

Robert T. and Elizabeth L. Chadwick to Joshua W. Hawkins, 320 N. 12th St., Rochelle, $136,500.

Cathy E. Lowery to Derek A. and Stephony N. Johnson, 14714 E. Bethel Road, Chana, $254,900.

Brian R. Nordman Jr. to Austin David Walden, 307 W. Third St., Byron, $130,000.

Constance K. Chandler to Mark Heggen, 8275 N. Kilbuck Road, Davis Junction, $325,000.

Derek and Stephony Johnson to Patricia Carter Keller, 1055 Lincoln Hwy., Rochelle, $114,000.

Sterling Federal Bank to Brian and Janet D. Cunningham, one parcel in Mt. Morris, $55,500.

Rick T. and Kathleen J. Snodgrass to Scott A. and Patricia J. Watson, 122 W. Merchant St., Byron, $115,000.

Tamara L. Kavala to Christopher Sean Reed, 611 E. Colden St., Polo, $116,000.

Sandra S. Wooden to Brett Hollewell, 215 S. Franklin Ave., Polo, $40,000.

High Point Financial Services to Haywell LLC Westwood, seven parcels in Flagg Township, Rochelle, $67,000.

Robert D. De La Rosa to Blake Hanna and Jayda Gosch, 10480 E. state Route 72, Davis Junction, $129,000.

Timothy L. and Victoria Coffman to Andrew R. Fruth, 8827 W. Coffman Road, German Valley, $167,500.

Rodney and Kelly Knoll to Skylar J. and Kendra N. Struven, 6239 E Bradley Road, Stillman Valley, $235,900.

Marilu M. Montgomery to Askvig Boys Construction LLC, 815 Lincoln Hwy, Rochelle, $38,000.

Nathan T. Miller to Rosemary A. Bacino, 106 N. Commercial St., Forreston, $89,000.

William S. and Jillian R. Wise to Rosa M. Hernandez and Jose I. Becerra Lopez, 319 Lake Lida Lane, Rochelle, $160,000.

Elizabeth M. Tomczak to Kory R. and Alexis M. Walk, 7813 E. Wildwood Road, Stillman Valley, $185,000.

Kory R. and Alexis M. Walk to Brandon and Shae Watts, 8487 N. Canary Lane, Davis Junction, $188,000.

Donald E. and Virginia L. Miatke to Bradley M. and Lindsey M. Mirotznik, 305 E. Rockvale Drive, Oregon $169,000.

Shari Morris to Russell L. Squires, one parcel on Kufalk Lane, Oregon, $120,000.

Roger G. Lichty to Bradley C. Campshure, 401 W. Main St., Davis Junction, $82,100.

Mark P. and Lisa E. McCaffrey to Clint and Kayla Glendenning, 5069 E. Walden Road, Stillman Valley, $231,000.

Cody C. and Joslynn K. Lindsey to Merlin L. and Cindy L. Hagemann, 4193 E. Countryview Drive, Byron, $269,000.

Andrew R. and Mallory Fruth, also Anselme to Danielle L. Johnson, 196 Autumnwood Lane, Davis Junction, $169,000.

Adam K. and Rebecca S. Hazzard to Jordan B. Auker, 5510 N. River Road, Byron, $180,000.

Jordan B. Auker to Rachel F. Hansen, 2798 E. Breckenridge Drive, Byron, $400,000.

Quit claim deeds

Alexjandro V. Campos to Brian and Lynn Albers, 321 Erickson Road, Rochelle, $0.

Transfer on death

Cherie L. Slack to David A. Slack, 1150 E. Helle Road, Oregon, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

Charles A. and Kathleen M. Hanna Revocable Trust, Mitchell Charles Hanna, trustee to Daniel A. and Beth M. Kurzawinski, 716 Lightsville Road, Byron, $35,000.

MJD Trust 301, Jeffrey T. and Steven J.Dilling, trustees, to Steven J. and Julie A. Dilling, one parcel in White Rock Township, $64,167.

Max L. and Betty J. Pope Revocable Trust, M. Edward Pope, trustee, to Joan K. Culver Trust, Joan K. Culver, trustee, 1374 W. Haldane Road, Forreston, $1,480,000.

Davidson Trust 20172, Connie L. and William J. Davidson, trustees, to Anna R. and Kyle E. McQuality, one parcel in Marion Township, $209,900.

Rita L. Bearrows Trust, John B. Bearrows, trustee, to Trent R. and Kayla L. Metzger, two parcels in Flagg Township, $40,000.

Max L. and Betty J. Pope Trust, M. Edward Pope, trustee to Alice A. Pope Trust, Alice A. Pope, trustee, one parcel at Summer Hill and state Route 64, Forreston, $740,000.

Wilson Family Trust 607, Kathleen Beringer, trustee, to Matthew Gann, 1074 N. Mt. Morris Road, Leaf River, $938,272.


Sally J. Moring and Insul-Mor Cellulose Manufacturing LTD. to Antone Kurzac, 629 W. Pines Road, Oregon, $50,000.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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