Letter: Mark Gerhardt for judge

To the Editor:

Mark Gerhardt, running for McHenry County Circuit Judge on the Nov. 3 ballot, embodies the character required for excellence in the courtroom and deserves your vote. The polarized nature of public discourse today underscores the critical importance of installing judges of the highest integrity at every level of our legal system.

It has been my privilege to know Mark for the last five years. I have observed him in a wide range of settings—personal, social, and community. His warmth and thoughtful interaction with every individual he encounters have deeply impressed me.

I earnestly believe his patient manner and clear thinking will deliver the kind of fair and impartial judgment every citizen deserves.

With these qualities, as well as 25 years of legal experience and over nine years as a judge, I would urge your readers to return Gerhardt to the courthouse on Election Day.

Gina Hansen

Arlington Heights