December 01, 2023
Letters to the Editor

League of Women Voters speaks out on Floyd murder, racial injustice

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The League of Woman Voters of Glen Ellyn grieves the horrible murder of George Floyd and others who have lost their lives in such violent ways, especially when it is at the hands of some of​ ​those who have vowed to serve and to protect. The atrocities of the past few weeks must be addressed, and America must own up to its responsibility. Silence makes us all complicit.

In this 100t​h​ anniversary of the founding of the LWV and the passage of the19t​h​ Amendment, we believe that peaceful protest is critical to have one's voice heard. Peaceful protest and the selection of elected leaders through voting are at the heart of creating lasting positive change in our society.

We feel that the escalation of some of these protests to violent action may attract attention but at a cost that loses the impact of the message being sent. We stand together with the peaceful protesters in their cause and will be a catalyst for the change so desperately needed to permanently address injustices and heal our country.

The league promotes democracy and justice, inclusion of every group of citizens and advocates for the rights of Americans to live a life that is full and free. Racism of any sort is a blight on our values. The league pledges to stand up to racism by challenging our institutions, our elected officials, the media, our citizens and importantly, our own established attitudes. The LWVUS position on Individual liberties was codified in 1982 to give voice to and be able to act on threats to Constitutional rights.

This is a moment where we must stand up, stand together and demand justice. This is a moment that calls for peaceful protest, for truth and for officials to be accountable to their elected office and code of conduct. As an organization where voting is at the heart of our mission, we ask every American to vote. It's your duty to cast a ballot to elect those who will hold the rights and liberties of all citizens as their first duty.

Erica Nelson and Kristin B. Malone
Co-presidents, League of Women Voters Glen Ellyn