Grandson of woman accused of battering child at illegal day care in Crystal Lake now also faces charges

Dominic Migliorato is accused of failing to register as a sex offender, court records show

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A Crystal Lake man who lives in the same home where authorities allege his grandmother had operated an illegal day care was charged Thursday with failing to register as a sex offender.

Dominic Migliorato’s grandmother, Ann Migliorato, 61, who was charged and detained last week in the McHerny County jail, is accused by McHenry County authorities of fracturing an 11-month-old baby’s ribs and “placing him in a chokehold.”

Ann Migliorato, charged in April 2024 with aggravated battery to a child in McHenry County.

Dominic Migliorato, 18, of the 1400 block of Woodscreek Circle, is charged with violating sex offender registry laws, a Class 3 felony, according to a criminal complaint in McHenry County court. He is accused of failing to register with the Crystal Lake Police Department within three days of gaining employment, according to court records.

If convicted, he faces a prison term of two to five years or, if eligible for extended term, five to 10 years and up to $25,000 in fines. Probation also is possible.

In a pretrial hearing Friday, Dominic Migliorato said he had a job at a Crystal Lake sports bar but was unsure whether he still was employed. The charge filed against him is a nondetainable offense under the Illinois SAFE-T Act, Judge Michael Chmiel said.

Chmiel granted Migliorato’s release from the McHenry County jail with conditions including that he have no contact with children and no unsupervised contact with children when at his job.

Assistant State’s Attorney Anthony Marin told Chmiel that Dominic Migliorato also was “an employee of a home day care” and did not report that to police either, also a violation of registry laws.

Dominic Migliorato shares an address with Ann Migliorato, who last week was accused of aggravated battery to a child and operating an illegal day care, according to court records. Ann Migliorato was detained pretrial.

In an application for a public defender, Ann Migliorato listed Dominic Migliorato as living at her address and indicated that he was reliant on her for financial support, according to court records.

Dominic Migliorato wrote in his own request for a public defender that he lives with his “nana” and that she is his “legal guardian.” He wrote that he has lived at her home for the past seven or eight months.

At a pretrial hearing April 20 for Ann Migliorato, where a judge ordered she be detained pretrial, prosecutors played a video showing what they described as Migliorato “placing significant pressure” on an 11-month-old baby “while changing his diaper.” She also “appears to be placing him in a chokehold, and that child may not be able to breathe,” according to the order detaining her.

“This is clearly a crime of violence where severe injuries were incurred by the infant victim, including fractured ribs,” according to the order.

A doctor who examined the child said the ribs may have been fractured at separate times, prosecutors said. They said the alleged incident was filmed on a cellphone by a 10-year-old child also in her care and happened in the presence of other children in her care who “would be vulnerable to danger.”

The child who filmed the incident said that there were other potential acts of abuse in the home where the day care was being operated illegally, according to court documents. The day care had lost its license last year, prosecutors said.

The court order further said that Ann Migliorato had a “registered sex offender, her grandson, in the home, and on one occasion had him pick up a child from school even though she previously signed an order indicating that he was to have no contact with minors, nor care for them. Her grandson also appeared to have cared for the children in the day care.”

Ann Migliorato is charged with two counts of aggravated battery to a child younger than 13, Class X felonies, as well as aggravated battery and unlawful operation of a child care center, according to court records. Class X felonies carry prison terms of up to 30 years.

Ann Migliorato is due in court May 17. Dominic Migliorato is due June 14. It’s unclear why he is required to register as a sex offender.

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