June 01, 2023
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Lawsuit claims alleged Izzy's bar shooter was framed by bar owner, son, patrons

Bar owner's son's attorney says defendant's claims are false

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A Crest Hill man charged with killing a bartender and wounding a man at Izzy’s bar filed a lawsuit against the owner of the bar, his son and a patron, claiming they framed him in the incident, court records show.

The federal lawsuit, filed by 57-year-old Patrick Gleason on March 10, is his second pro se complaint over the incident. Gleason also is trying to sue the Joliet Police Department by alleging he was beaten by officers and that the police framed him for murder.

Gleason has been charged with fatally shooting bartender Daniel Rios III, 52, and wounding Thomas Izquierdo, the son of Izzy's owner Alfonso Izquierdo.

Gleason claimed in his lawsuit that Thomas Izquierdo and two other bar patrons “reenacted” the shooting incident from March 9, 2018, to “secure a conviction of first-degree murder,” save the bar from a lawsuit and make Thomas Izquierdo “look like the hero.”

Gleason’s lawsuit alleged he suffered injuries that included “facial fractures and death blows to the head by Maglite flashlights causing brain damage.” The lawsuit said he’s seeking $4 million for defamation of character, health care costs, time served in jail and excessive force.

Thomas Izquierdo was shot while trying to subdue Gleason, and he was flown to a Chicago hospital in critical condition, police said.

His attorney, Frank Cservenyak, said Gleason’s claims were false.

“I’ve seen the video tape, and the video tape clearly shows Mr. Gleason firing the gun,” Cservenyak said.

Thomas Izquierdo is suing Gleason for shooting and assaulting him without cause or provocation, which resulted in him suffering severe and permanent injuries. The case still is pending in court.

U.S. District Judge Virginia Kendall denied Gleason’s request to not pay the $400 filing fees with his lawsuit against Izzy’s bar, court records show.

Kendall said Gleason's account statements in his application to forgo the filing fees showed he had a balance of about $651 in his custodial account and that he received more than $400 a month on average during the previous six months.

Felix Sarver

Felix Sarver

Felix Sarver covers crime and courts for The Herald-News