Providence Catholic High School Offers INCubatoredu Program for Students

Providence Catholic High School - Providence Catholic High School Offers INCubatoredu Program for Students

Providence Catholic High School is pioneering the way for young minds to dive into the world of business and entrepreneurship through its INCubatoredu program. This cutting-edge program empowers students to start on the entrepreneurial path, providing them with a remarkable head start in the business arena.

Over two semesters, teams of students collaborate to brainstorm ideas, formulate business plans, develop products, and pitch their innovative solutions.

The honors-level curriculum is rigorous and aims to hone critical thinking and problem-solving skills, crucial in any professional trajectory. Under the mentorship of business experts and through the insights shared by guest speakers on topics ranging from marketing to manufacturing, the students have shown remarkable progress. One team’s creation of portable wipe packs that transform into shaving foam with water exemplifies the innovative spirit the program fosters.

Laura Moss, a co-teacher at the helm of INCubatoredu along with Josh Ditzler, shares, “It’s incredible to see these students discover their potential and build upon the foundation of their education. We get to work with them as they develop ideas for an entrepreneurial enterprise and create a product or service that could change the world.”

The program is designed to instill key 21st-century skills such as adaptability, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving. “We cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit within our students,” added Moss. “This not only fosters innovation, but also instills the courage to challenge conventional boundaries.”

This year’s batch of 44 enterprising students has already shown promising enthusiasm and curiosity. “We are impressed daily by our kids’ inquisitiveness,” said Moss. “I am very much looking forward to watching them experience more of the startup process over the next few months.”

At Providence Catholic, the INCubatoredu program is more than just a class—it’s a launchpad for the next generation of innovators and leaders, teaching them to view each challenge and risk as an opportunity ready to be unveiled.

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