3 Things to Know If You’re Selling Your Home

If you’re trying to sell your house during this tricky real estate market, understanding several facets of the process will contribute to your success. Here are three helpful things to know if you’re trying to sell your home:

1. Select the right real estate agent. “It’s crucial to work with an agent who is local, who knows the market and understands what local buyers want,” explained Joe LaGiglia, Senior Loan Officer with Oak Leaf Community Mortgage. “If you have an agent with terrific marketing skills, your property will stand out from the others. Your local loan officer can recommend a qualified and experienced local real estate agent for you.”

2. Give your home a facelift. “Your home should show well and look its best before you list it,” added LaGiglia. “A lot of improvements can be made on a small budget. Of course you want to make obvious repairs: fix a broken window, touch up chipped paint. Update or prune the landscaping. Even repainting the front door will help a prospective buyer notice that you’ve taken care of the home.” LaGiglia also recommends clearing out the clutter inside the home; removing personal photos and memorabilia will help buyers be able to imagine themselves living there. Consider having one or two signature rooms professionally staged.

3. Have a defined plan in place for your next step. “At Oak Leaf Community Mortgage, we offer programs and products that are customized to support our clients who are buying or selling a home,” said LaGiglia. “Our “Buy Now, Sell Later” program, which is fairly unique to the marketplace and is specifically offered to people who have equity in their home, helps a contingent buyer purchase a new home. It’s a terrific solution to one of the most common problems, which is not getting offers considered if you have a home to sell.”

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