Letter: Half-step Laws

Typewritter, letter to the editor

I keep hearing the so-called law-abiding constitutionalists that say we have enough gun laws on the books. We only need to enforce them to cut crime. Illinois is a prime example of how those laws are skirted. Illinois has fairly strict ownership laws, but there are many ways to get around them. The gun dealers want to make money from sales so they sell assault weapons to anyone with money no matter what tattoos or badges they show. Extended magazines have only one real reason to exist and it is to kill lots of people.

The easiest way around Illinois Laws is to cross the Indiana border and buy guns from a gun show. No waiting period – just walk in and walk out with guns and magazines. Pay $500 in Indiana, cross the border, and sell for $1,000.

Going back to the first sentence about all those law abiding people are law enforcement that are sworn to enforce the laws the legislature passes. Recently a law was passed to restrict the purchase and ownership transfer of certain guns. A large number of sheriffs and police chiefs had said they won’t enforce them. What if someone was killed because the local chief or sheriff didn’t do their job? They should be at the top of the law suit list.

The gun lobbyists defend their right to have these guns by saying it is only the mental cases that are dangerous. Could it be feeling the need to own an assault weapon and expended magazines are examples of a mental problem? We know a woman who has assault weapons for the purpose of defending herself when the Army comes to take them away from her. Perfect examples of someone the law is intended to keep gun-less.

Chuck Johnson