Letters to the Editor

Letter: Very happy, thank you

Typewritter, letter to the editor

To the Editor:

I’d like to respond to “Happy Now?” by writer Raymond from New Lenox.

Quick answer, hell, yes.

Longer answer ... the borders aren’t anymore “open” than they have been recently. And if all those people come to take jobs, they take the jobs Americans don’t want.

And gas prices don’t have anything to do with the president. It’s supply/demand/futures, OPEC production and current domestic production issues from a southern storm, coupled with annual gas price increases every spring.

And the fences were put up around the White House during the prior administration, before their support for a criminal insurrection at the Capitol, which caused more fences to go up. I thought you people wanted fences (that were never built on the U.S./Mexican border).

Troops to come home from where? They’ve been deployed all over the world for decades.

And if you want to make a joke about the current president tripping up the stairs, we can talk about umbrella operation, toilet paper on the shoe, golfing every weekend, multiple sexual assaults, cohorting with dictators, lifetime cheating, lying, extorting and bribing, tax fraud, multiple indictments for close associates, criminally trying to steal an election and ignoring an oncoming global pandemic.

Comparatively speaking, yes, I’m quite happy now.

John Janeczek

Homer Glen