Letter: It’s all about hate, not anger

To the Editor:

Why are we so angry? And what can be done about it? That was the title of an article by Jim Nowlan, a retired University of Illinois professor of political science, printed in The Herald-News on Jan. 23. “Why” is the most important question in solving a problem and so I eagerly read it and want to thank Mr. Nowlan for taking the time to think about, compose and edit his article.

As I thought more about what he said, I came to the conclusion that “anger” (the word actually was supplied by his neighbor) was not the correct word to get to the root of division in our society. I think “hate” is the word we need to use to examine the problem of division.

Anger is a word used in civilized societies to express a strong difference of opinion with a person of the opposite viewpoint. Hate is a word used in warlike societies to dehumanize their enemies and to harass and punish them by “any means necessary.”

The rhetoric and behavior on the streets of America now is warlike: uncivilized, barbaric, savage. Look at it, think about it. Can you handle the truth?

James August