Joliet Township clerk claims township supervisor Angel Contreras is ‘being targeted’

Joliet — The Joliet Township’s clerk has come out in defense of the supervisor who was arrested on Sunday on a charge of driving under the influence, claiming he was “being targeted.”

On Monday evening, Alicia Morales publicly posted on her Facebook profile that Angel Contreras, 36, is “being targeted.”

She wrote the “timing of this is political. The PRIMARY election is in [eight] days on 6/28. This is a set-up!”

Contreras is not a candidate for any federal, state or local office in the June 28 election. He’s listed as running against Henry Martin Jr. for a Joliet precinct committeeperson race, according to the Will County Clerk’s Office.

Contreras was arrested following a traffic stop at 2:24 a.m. on Sunday where officers saw Contreras showed signs of alcohol impairment, according to a news release from Joliet police Sgt. Dwayne English.

Contreras refused to provide an answer when officers requested he conduct sobriety tests, English said.

When asked about Morales’ Facebook post, English said there is no indication that the arrest of Contreras is a targeted act.

Angel Contreras

Contreras again did not respond to a call on Tuesday regarding the arrest.

In Morales’ Facebook post, she further claimed Joliet Township officials are “being targeted” by “careered, wealthy, corporate DEMS” because “we are NOT FOR SALE [and] maybe because we’re BROWN!?!?”

Morales wrote Contreras “will be vindicated AFTER THE ELECTION of course!”

Morales did not respond to calls nor to an email to her township office on Tuesday regarding the Facebook post.

Morales, Contreras, Karl Ferrell, Suzanna Ibarra, Cesar Escutia and Raymond Slattery were part of a slate of candidates who ran for township offices and won after the April 2021 elections.

In March, prosecutors filed a civil complaint against Ferrell to kick him off the township board because his felony convictions make him legally ineligible for office. Judge John Anderson is expected to make a ruling this week on whether Ferrell can stay on the board.

Following Contreras’ arrest on Sunday, he was ticketed for DUI, driving while license revoked, improper lighting, improper lane usage and operating an uninsured motor vehicle.

On Tuesday, prosecutors petitioned to hold a court hearing on Wednesday on whether there is probable cause that Contreras’ Honda Ridgeline is subject to forfeiture.