Tim Placher honored for promoting local music scene

Drauden Point MS music teacher received award in memory of local pastor

Project Acclaim President Jayne Bernhard (left), and member Quinn Adamowski presented the Rev. James E. Allen Award to Drauden Point Middle School music teacher Tim Placher to honor him for his passionate efforts to promote local music. Drauden Point Principal Kai Freeman (right) helped surprise Placher with the award.

Last year on Feb. 8, local musician and Drauden Point Middle School music teacher Tim Placher hosted a show filled with local musical talent at the Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet.

Tim Placher’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll Songbook, Plus!” included 30 musicians with 17 different singers, a brass section, violinists, a 70-student choir from Drauden Point Middle School in Joliet and 1,000 attendees.

Placher had organized at a similar show at the Rialto in 2019. But Placher had hosted smaller shows at Chicago Street Pub to showcase local musicians starting in 2017, he had said in a 2020 Herald-News story.

This year on Feb. 12, Placher received the Rev. James E. Allen Award for Service to the Community for Placher’s passionate efforts to promote local music.

The award is given by Project Acclaim, a Joliet organization that honors individuals and organizations who demonstrate selfless devotion to their community.

And the award is named after the Rev. James E Allen, who served the Joliet community through many of the city’s organizations, founded Project Acclaim (formerly Project Pride) during a challenging year in Joliet and was known for his never-ending supply of cards that promoted positive thinking.

In a news release from Plainfield Community Consolidated School District 202, Project Acclaim President Jayne Bernhard said the organization chose Placher for his commitment to and passion for promoting the Joliet-area music scene.

“Simply put, Tim brings people together and makes it happen,” Bernhard said in the release. “Music happens. Joy happens. Through his pursuits, he bolsters community spirit.”

Why does Placher organize these shows? In a 2020 Herald-News story, Placher said he admires the talents of local musicians, so he uses his skills to provide opportunities for them.

“We get them up in front of these bigger audiences so they can see what they do,” Placher said in the story.

Just before Christmas, Placher had even gathered local artists and released the “YuleTube Christmas Songbook” on YouTube.

Placher was surprised by the visit, honored to receive the award and gave credit to the musicians, venues, choir families at Drauden Point Middle School and all the people “who keep saying ‘yes’ to whatever music idea I concoct,” Placher said in the release.

In the release, Drauden Point Middle School Principal Kai Freeman said Placher, who started teaching music and choir at Drauden Point in 2004, was deserving of the award.

“His passion to educate students, invest hours upon hours into his craft and be so influential in the music community has been so impactful,” Freeman said in the release. “Drauden Point is extremely proud of Mr. Placher.”