Mystery Diner

Mystery Diner in Shorewood: The Rosati’s pizza was great, the boneless wings outstanding

For pizza that tastes homemade, go to Rosati’s Pizza in Shorewood

I was really not very familiar with Rosati’s Pizza until a story about four Rosati cousins buying the Romeoville franchise appeared in The Herald-News.

I really love pizza, so reading how ingredients in Rosati’s pizza had no fillers and no preservatives intrigued me.

I also loved the fact that this was a family business. The Rosati’s Pizza website said that, back in the late 1890s, the Rosati family was already serving “delicious Italian food” to customers in their New York restaurant. The family moved to Chicago early in the 20th century, and opened another restaurant featuring an item called Italian Style Pizza, which was “a tasty appetizer consisting of homemade tomato sauce served on a crispy piece of bread.”

The family launched another Italian restaurant in 1927. The first Rosati’s Pizza opened in 1964, according to the website.

So one night when no one felt like cooking, I decided to order some food for the family from the Shorewood location.

We ordered two 18-inch sausage and pepperoni pizzas, thin crust for $25.97 each; a full pound of boneless wings for $13.99; one Italian beef sandwich for $6.99; an order of cheese sticks for $5.99; and an order of fries to go with the beef sandwich for $2.99.

Now before I tell you about the pizza – which lived up to its reputation – I have to mention that the boneless wings were a big hit that night.

Words cannot describe how truly delectable they were – tender and coated with plenty of garlic butter and Parmesan. They arrived hot, and the leftovers were equally delicious cold the next day – because who could wait to reheat them?

Now, for the pizza. Ever eat homemade pizza? We have, and we’ve made it, too. Well, homemade is exactly how this pizza tasted. The toppings were chunky and plentiful. The pizza sauce was rich, tomatoey, not too sweet and spread over the crust in just the right amount. The overall flavor of the entire pizza was great.

Speaking of the crust, one family member said the crust needed more salt, but would definitely order this pizza again when hanging out with friends.

The mozzarella sticks were hot, well-seasoned and oozed plenty of cheese.

Now, for the Italian beef. One family member, a Batman fan, said, “Holy generous portions!” when he saw it, and added, “There’s, like, two pounds of meat on this!” The beef wasn’t dry, and at the same time, it didn’t make the bun soggy either. In other words, the beef sandwich was perfect.

The fries were still warm when we received them and nicely salted.

One person summed up how we felt: “Loved it! Will definitely be going back!”

As for the boneless wings, it will be a double portion next time.

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WHAT: Rosati’s Pizza

WHERE: 707 W. Jefferson St., Shorewood

WHEN: 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday

INFORMATION: 815-725-8686,