Plainfield District 202 announces 23 artists place at conference finals

Plainfield School District 202

Plainfield School District 202 has announced that 23 of its high school artists earned awards and honors at the Southwest Prairie Conference Finals on Saturday, March 9 at Yorkville High School.

More than 130 students from 12 high schools competed in the competition, including those from Plainfield Central, South, North and East, Joliet Central and West, Minooka, Oswego East, Oswego, Romeoville, Yorkville and West Aurora high schools.

The Plainfield School District 202 students included in the competition were:

Plainfield Central:

  • Joseph Chason, senior, film/animation, - Third Place
  • Olivia Cavenaile, sophomore, drawing neutral - Honorable Mention
  • Hailey Stewart, junior, hand-built ceramics - Honorable Mention
  • Chloe Buttimer, sophomore - Up and Coming Artist
  • George Aguado II, senior, digital photography
  • Hope Schnowske, senior, mixed media
  • Ethan Torres, senior, digital photography
  • Paige Estoll, junior, neutral drawing
  • Ruth Laskowski, junior, mixed media
  • Isabella Esquivel, sophomore, printmaking
  • Carmen Francisco, senior, computer-generated art

Plainfield South:

  • Tierney Quinn Mika, senior, wheel-thrown ceramics – Second Place
  • Grace Wiess, junior, hand-built ceramics - Second Place
  • Margaret Martinez, senior, sculpture - Second Place
  • · Janelle Nelson, senior, digital photography - Second Place
  • Noah Negoski, senior, sculpture - Honorable Mention
  • Desiree Moran, freshman - Up and Coming Artist
  • Caitlyn Carrasco-Unive, senior, computer-generated art
  • Elena Montalvo, senior, printmaking
  • Deniz Favela, neutral drawing
  • Natalie Pawlinski, senior, color drawing
  • Faith Pondelicek, junior, acrylic painting

Plainfield North:

  • Olivia Haubert, sophomore, neutral drawing - First Place
  • Hannah Belofsky, senior, watercolor painting – Second Place
  • Liam McManaman, junior, acrylic and oil painting - Third Place
  • Makena Wons, sophomore, color drawing- Third Place
  • Ryan Blaszczak, senior, neutral drawing - Honorable Mention
  • Eianna Tan, sophomore - Up and Coming Artist
  • Erin Leifker, senior, color drawing
  • Abbigail Elwood, senior, color drawing
  • Yoanna Barajas, senior, acrylic and oil painting
  • Antoinette Rogus, junior, hand-built ceramics
  • Morgan Long, sophomore, shallow relief mixed media

Plainfield East:

  • Angelyn Wong, junior, animation, First Place
  • Alexis Anderson, senior, graphic design - First Place
  • Maya Flores, senior, printmaking – First Place
  • Frida Mora Garcia, senior, digital art - Third Place
  • Ryan Stroud, senior, digital photography - Honorable Mention
  • Jena Ecang, senior, sculpture - Honorable Mention
  • Vilandy Zacaria, sophomore - Up and Coming Artist
  • Shyla Munoz, senior, neutral drawing
  • Jessica Perez, senior, watercolor painting
  • Isabella Ramirez, senior, acrylic and oil painting
  • Liberty Dawson, sophomore, color drawing