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Sterling Public Schools provide preview of tax levy proposal

A slide as part of the Sterling Public Schools board of education meeting showing how the tax rate figures into property taxes ahead of the district making a tax levy request.
Sterling Public Schools Superintendent Tad Everett leads the administration's presentation to the board of education outlining the proposed tax levy request.
Slide showing Sterling Public Schools tax rate in relation to other school districts in the area.
  • Calculate a property’s assessed value, which is based on one-third of its market value.
  • The assessed value is then divided by 100.
  • That figure is then multiplied by the state equalization factor, which for the example was 1.06. That result creates the equalized assessed valuation.
  • The equalized assessed valuation is then multiplied by the school’s tax rate and the result is the amount paid to the district in taxes.
Sterling Public Schools director of finance Timothy Schwingle joins in the presentation on the district's proposed tax levy request.
Troy Taylor

Troy E. Taylor

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