Supply chain shortage almost shuts the door on Dixon High School’s activity bus

Board votes to lease 2013 bus as a stop-gap measure

Linda Wegner, president of Dixon Public School's board of education, and Rachael Gehlbach, vice president, listen to the superintendent's report during a meeting on Nov. 17 at the administrative offices.
  • Immediately begin the bidding process for a new activity bus even though it could be February 2023 or later before it is available. “Needless to say we are also looking at other vendor options,” Campbell said.
  • Within the next two months, extend the lease of the district’s other 14-passenger bus to a term of five years. Campbell said he expects the supply-chain issues to continue and this action would prevent the vendor from again selling the vehicle out from beneath the district. This action will also enable the district to purchase the vehicle outright after the term of the lease, if it desires.
Troy Taylor

Troy E. Taylor

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