Cargill Grain Elevator in Hennepin is demolished

HENNEPIN — Hennepin’s riverfront has a new, open look.

Last week, demolition of the old Cargill Grain Elevator on South Front Street began Monday and continued throughout the week.

The old elevator has sat empty for years. Hennepin Village President Kevin Coleman said it’s been about four or five years since the elevator has been used. Most of the grain that was once stored in the elevator is now hauled to the Spring Valley location.

A high-reaching excavator was brought into the village last week to tear down the highest points of the structure.

Having the tall elevator gone changes the look of Hennepin’s riverfront. While Coleman said it’s sad to see it go as it’s been a part of Hennepin’s history for so long, he added it’s also nice to see it go having not been used and just sitting at the riverfront deteriorating.

Coleman is unsure exactly when the elevator was built. He said he moved to Hennepin in the late 60s and it was already there. Perhaps, the 40s or 50s, he said, but couldn’t be 100% sure.

Coleman said the village has plans to reach out to Cargill once demolition is complete to see what might be done with the land. He said he hopes it would be given to the village to extend Riverfront Park there on South Front Street.

Goldie Rapp

Goldie Rapp is the Associate Editor of the Bureau County Republican and Putnam County Record. She has worked for Shaw Media since 2013.