Public hearing next week as part of study for some seeking to leave West Carroll School District

THOMSON – A hearing will take place at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 21, in Savanna to address a petition by some West Carroll School District 314 residents seeking to leave the district and move to River Bend School District 2.

The hearing is part of a feasibility study being conducted by the Regional Office of Education 8 through funding by the Illinois State Board of Education.

The feasibility study report will be offered at the public meeting in the West Carroll Primary School Gymnasium, 2215 Wacker Road, Savanna.

The feasibility study reviewing York Township’s petition to detach from the West Carroll school district and conclusions from the study will be presented to the River Bend and West Carroll school boards and the public on Thursday, March 21, at the Primary School in Savanna beginning at 6 p.m.,” according to a post on the District 314 website.

District 2 Superintendent Darryl Hogue posted the following information to parents and staff on District 2′s website: “As many of you have heard, the community of Thomson asked if River Bend would consider allowing them and their families to come to River Bend. The process of leaving the West Carroll school district and joining the River Bend school district is highly regulated by school code and legal requirements.

“The board of education for the River Bend school district has always been open to the move if there was a benefit to the students and families of River Bend. To best understand if bringing the Thomson residents and students to River Bend while detaching from the West Carroll district, the Illinois State Board of Education granted the two districts funds to pay for a feasibility study.”

Hogue said the feasibility study was commissioned in October by the two districts. The study seeks to evaluate the influence on the community if Thomson detaches from West Carroll and is annexed to District 2.

The study evaluates the effect on both districts in the areas of curriculum, transportation, facilities and finances. For the process to move forward, Thomson officially has to ask the Regional Office of Education 8 if it can detach and be annexed to River Bend.

Thomson has submitted a petition to ROE 8. The ROE 8 has to evaluate the petition to annex and conduct a hearing at some point in the future.

At the hearing, the ROE 8 board of trustees will evaluate the feasibility study recommendation, hear public comments, and hear information from both school districts.

After the ROE 8 hearing, a decision would be made, Hogue said.

“The feasibility study is a single part of the overall process and a study commissioned by the two school districts to provide an in-depth look at the impact of Thomson detaching from West Carroll and annexing to River Bend,” Hogue said. “I would offer to answer any questions, but information about the overall process and the next steps are not known.

“The initial step of understanding the impact via the feasibility study will be shared with all at the public meeting. If you are unable to attend, a summary of the findings will be provided after spring break.”

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