3 Things Your Family Law Attorney Wants You To Understand: Part 1

Wakeman Law Group - 3 Things Your Family Law Attorney Wants You To Understand: Part 1

In family law, communication between clients and lawyers is both extremely important and very complicated. The profession is different from that of doctors, bankers, and plumbers. “We don’t have our day blocked with examinations in one space,” explained Liz Wakeman, attorney with Wakeman Law Group. “We don’t make house calls with a four-hour window. Understanding a lawyer’s schedule and how best to communicate will make your case go more smoothly and with less expense.”

Here are three things your family law attorney wants you to understand:

  • Mornings are reserved for court, and afternoons are filled with depositions, client meetings, preparing emergency documents, and preparing for court. “Don’t expect to connect with your attorney in the morning unless you have a hearing in court that day,” said Wakeman. “We do respond immediately to those in crisis and when we have updated information to share.”
  • E-mail is BEST! “Text messages can’t be easily shared or stored,” added Wakeman. “Texting results in delayed communications and lost information. We can respond to emails while we’re waiting for a case to be called, waiting for an expert to arrive, and while standing in line. We don’t always have the relevant information available, but we’ll respond as soon as possible.”
  • Please don’t call, text, and email multiple members of the firm. “Our software tracks this as billable time, and doesn’t result in a faster response,” said Wakeman. “Our response depends on our schedule, client emergencies, and court demands. Don’t stop by the office, we are only available by appointment.”

When communicating with your law firm, please be kind, particularly to the staff. “When someone is rude, lawyers and staff members may be less inclined to respond immediately and may terminate our relationship with a client who swears, yells, or sends us repeated calls and messages,” said Wakeman. “We understand that you’re stressed, but we are protective of the people we need in our firm, and we care about them as we care about you.”

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