Letter: Reelect Brett Hopkins


I am writing to endorse Brett Hopkins for Crystal Lake City Council. Hopkins will continue to serve with passion, integrity, professionalism and an unwavering commitment to Crystal Lake’s residents, as he has for the past 16 years.

During his tenure, Hopkins has been proactive in attracting new businesses to Crystal Lake. He is committed to providing fiscally sound services for all of Crystal Lake’s citizens. Hopkins feels that it’s important to work with other government bodies in a collaborative spirit, encouraging individuals in different positions to work together with the goal of enhancing the quality of life for Crystal Lake’s citizens.

He also respects Crystal Lake’s unique small-town values and balances this charm with a keen eye for maintaining a prosperous economy.

In addition to his City Council position, Hopkins is heavily involved in the community as a co-founder of the Crystal Lake Strikers Drumline.

Join me in reelecting Hopkins for Crystal Lake City Council Tuesday, April 4.

Heather Jewell

Crystal Lake

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