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Letter: Mary Mahady for McHenry County clerk


Since the current McHenry County clerk has been in office, every election has had significant problems. Issues have included incorrect and miscounted ballots, not having a nonpartisan ballot available, unnecessary changes in voting locations and limited access to local drop boxes. All of these unacceptable situations could have been avoided with proper training, preparation and simply paying attention to detail in this important office.

We need someone with the skill and experience to properly run our elections and that person is Mary Mahady. As the McHenry Township assessor, Mary has proven she has the focus and skills necessary to properly run our elections. Now, more than ever, we need to be confident our votes are being accurately counted.

Vote for Mary Mahady for county clerk. Early voting has begun. More election information is available at marymahady.com.

Count on Mary Mahady to get it right.

Andrea Weinberg-Chestnut