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Letter: Vote Cain for state representative


The most important job of any state representative is to support legislation that ensures public safety. During the last legislative session, House Democrats passed H.B. 3447, allowing for reduced penalties for possession of fentanyl and other opioids. It’s bad enough the current law provides that possession of less than 1 gram of fentanyl is a misdemeanor, but a vote to triple the killing potential and have it be punished with no more than a fine and a year in jail is unconscionable.

The bill required 60 votes for passage, it received 61. Suzanne Ness voted for that bill. If you see her, ask her about it.

The 66th District has a choice. Connie Cain is running for state representative and deserves your support. Connie is a U.S. Army veteran and a CPA. One thing you may not know about her is that before running for state rep., she worked at the Illinois Department of Employment Security and saw what went on there during the pandemic, when millions of dollars of unemployment benefits went missing. When told that she would have to quit her job if she stayed in the race, she quit her job. That’s the kind of dedication that she’s bringing to the race and will bring to the office.

Who do you want representing you: someone who voted to make our communities less safe or a candidate who stands on principle despite the personal cost? Please vote for Connie Cain for state rep. in the 66th District.

Steve Reick