Letter: Trust in free, fair and honest elections


As a strictly independent voter, I feel a kinship with Mercutio in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” when he says “A plague on both your houses” when it comes to both Democrats and Republicans.

I disagree with Democrats when they pour money into the campaigns of extremist Republicans, thinking they will be easier to beat. Don’t they remember back in 2016 when Hillary Clinton bested the “easier to beat” Donald Trump by 2.9 million votes but still lost the votes that really counted? Don’t forget, Republicans can play that game, too.

It infuriates me when I hear Republicans say, months before the election, that the only way the Republicans can lose is if there is fraud and the election is rigged. Don’t forget, Democrats can play that game, too.

Trust in free, fair, and honest elections is the bedrock of our democracy, and when that trust breaks down, our democracy teeters on the edge of autocracy. Just ask the people of Hungary.

On a more specific topic, at Illinois governor candidate Darren Bailey’s news conference on July 26, in Springfield, Bailey said, “I have dealt with (U.S. Rep.) Adam Kinzinger on my own. I’ve made my statements. I don’t agree with anything that Adam Kinzinger stands for. And I’ve made a statement, so you have that.”

I am convinced the evidence shows Adam Kinzinger stands for truth, honesty and integrity. Kinzinger treats opponents with dignity and respect, and his conclusions are based on evidence, reason, rationality and critical thinking. He has shown kindness and compassion for others.

Taking Bailey at his word that he does not agree with anything Kinzinger stands for means Bailey does not embrace any of the positive values listed above, the values that are indicative of a person of good character.

David Thiessen


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