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Letter: Political pendulum swings


Pundits tend to say that the midterm political pendulum swings away from the party of the most recently elected president. Will President Joe Biden’s Democrats lose seats in the House and Senate in this November’s midterms? Will the political pendulum swing from Blue to Red? Or swing away from Biden supporters to Trump supporters? Will it swing away from law-abiding citizens in favor of Jan. 6 insurrectionists?

However, politics is not as immutable as a pendulum’s physics. You can change the arc of the political pendulum and effect the Tuesday, Nov. 8, election. Of course you can vote, but you can also advocate for and support Democratic candidates in the nearly 100 remaining days.

I live in Illinois’ 6th Congressional District and I am volunteering for and making financial contributions to reelect U.S. Rep. Sean Casten. As a Democrat, Casten is a strong advocate for clean energy, combating climate change, strengthening women’s rights, and for sensible gun safety measures. Casten is an effective congressman. One example is the fact that recently the House passed Casten’s bill, Reinforcing the Grid Against Extreme Weather act.

Please join me in supporting Rep. Sean Casten for reelection. Act now to make the pendulum swing Blue.

Dave Terrill