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Letter: County clerk candidate Mary Mahady has proven she’s efficient, knowledgeable


Never underestimate the importance the McHenry County clerk plays every day, in every one of our lives. That person is responsible for keeping records of our lives: our deeds, our taxes, our marriages and our deaths, but most importantly, the overseeing of our votes: where we vote, when we vote and very, very careful records of who our citizens have voted for.

A good county clerk must ensure safe, accurate elections. Easy access to voter registration, dependable access to mail-in ballots, drop boxes within easy access, and fairly regulated early voting at multiple sites.

The current county clerk has done none of the above. His administration mishandled several of our last elections, including through:

  • Incorrect ballot language and miscounted ballots in multiple elections.
  • Changes to voting locations that has caused unnecessary chaos for voters.
  • Limited access to “after work hours” for early voting and local drop boxes.

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled Joe Tirio’s decision to unilaterally remove a voter referendum was invalid.

We need an electable, qualified Democrat in the 2022 primary election, someone who can win in the primary and win in November!

Mary Mahady, elected three times as a township assessor, has proven to the voters how efficient and knowledgeable she is, with the skill sets needed to be our county clerk.

Restore confidence in the County Clerk’s Office. Every Democrat owes it to themselves to vote in the primary for Mary Mahady.

Susan Rosner