Letter: Tadelman is the most qualified for sheriff


Who is the ideal candidate? The person who is right for the job is the one that has been promoted and moved up the ranks within the sheriff’s office. This person is currently working in the sheriff’s office and on the street, working with the sheriff’s employees and managing the large budget of the organization is the one that is right for the job. The ideal candidate has the backing of the current sheriff, who has done an outstanding job keeping this county safe. Robb Tadelman not only has Sheriff Prim’s support, but also the support of seven mayors/village presidents, four surrounding sheriffs, state senators, four fire/police chiefs, firefighter unions, a circuit clerk, a trustee, a township supervisor and a former state’s attorney.

As a business owner, I know that when I hire for an important position, I want the most qualified person. What makes someone qualified to be our sheriff? Only uninterrupted time in an administrative role within the sheriff’s department, full-time certification and extensive management experience can prepare someone for the demands of being a sheriff. I want the person that is currently serving as the undersheriff and before that, was a patrol deputy, detective and sergeant, sergeant of evidence and the Criminal Investigation Division, lieutenant of Internal Affairs and the chief of operations.

Please vote for Robb Tadelman in the June 28 primary because he is the most qualified candidate for McHenry County sheriff.

Denise Smith

Crystal Lake