Letters to the Editor

Letter: Political dogmas


Spirituality, the supernatural connection between humans, is being systematically eradicated by unholy political mandates. For centuries, the faithful have gathered together to celebrate and worship the divine influence that inspires free will. Christian believers developed their creeds and religions based on the same source – the Bible. Other world religions have their own cultural reference book as their guide. The spiritual differences never made one religion right and the other wrong, merely different. Religions were once as dominant as kingdoms or empires.

Along comes the Constitution that acknowledges that one’s belief in a divine influence, may from time to time, need assistance by a second book of laws that protects an individual’s rights from an overbearing government. America’s founders’ collective intellect understood the pitfalls of human nature and the need to separate manmade laws from the theological beliefs of faith, hope and love. The marriage of natural law and common law founded America, still the greatest republic in the world.

The 21st century political dogmas of climate change and victimhood are being sermonized by new age zealots who look into the mirror to find their religion. What they see looking back at them is ill-placed trust and hatred for what they will not try to comprehend.

Faith, hope and love, the founding virtues of spirituality, are being shoved aside.

The decadent plutocrats are playing their fiddles and dancing as the middle class goes up in the flames of anarchy.

Rick Dime