Letters to the Editor

Letter: The mandate madness has to be stopped

The bureaucrats currently in charge of “running this country” must have misheard the phrase as “ruining this country.” Recent policy mandates are ruining American’s livelihoods, health, retirement, education, national security, and governments’ primary duty for public safety.

The PC police need to invent a new word for the bureaucrats telling Americans to settle for less. How about “Coopt-egoliars,” a mash up of corrupt-inept-globalist-liars. “Coopt-egoliars” are doing an excellent job at ruin-nation.

“Coopt-egoliars” telling Americans to settle for less is 100% unacceptable. The mandate madness has to be stopped now on a state-by -state basis.

Bureaucrats lecturing you to lower your expectations and accept the burden of their cruel mandates is degrading and unacceptable. Don’t only tell them it’s unacceptable by letters and emails; show them your discontent by peacefully and legally shunning their wrongheaded mandates.

Every generation takes the attitude that they can change the world by advancing and adding to the communal good. Accepting less is regressing, not advancement.

The eldest Americans deserve to be revered for their legacy of defending the land of the free and the home of the brave. Patriotic working class heroes and heroines are role models that show their children how to build their own American dream. Young children are watching their proud, self-reliant middle class parents battle against bureaucratic attempts to institute a welfare state. Historically, welfare states are universal failures.

The political narratives are false, believe your own eyes. Just as they intend the “Coopt-egoliars” string of mandates are destroying the economy. The America we know and love is spiraling downward towards its mandated demise. Economic failure is looming.

Count your blessings, be proud that you earned them. Anyone saying that you don’t deserve them is unacceptable. Fortune will favor the brave.

Rick Dime