Letter: Welcome to the immoral control of executive order decrees

To the Editor:

Gone is the mutual respect between political parties that counterbalanced their most extreme ideals. Gone is the open and refined political debate process that allowed feedback from the public. Gone is the opportunity to openly express your support or disapproval without fear of personal reprisal. Gone is governmental protection of our constitutional (natural) rights. Welcome to the immoral control of executive order decrees.

Visible, effective leadership is rare. Political orators are focused on shaming, blaming and weaponizing language. Cowardly politicians generalize their comments and never commit to a transparent plan with a specific outcome. Boastful promise-makers face few consequences for failing.

Government is too large with too many complacent politicians hiding within a corrupt bureaucracy of patronage and cronyism. Newly elected officials dedicated to serve and protect the people get negated by career politicians’ positioning to serve and protect themselves.

Government leadership by design or default, abetted by a biased media, is promoting two polarized classes. The dependency class, hapless victims of government bondage, must rely on systemic welfare programs appropriated from the earnings of the working class. Virtue-signaling politicians and media pundits claim to be the innocent promoters of unity as they drive wedge after wedge between social norms. All the propaganda wedges from biology to wealth are given a racist narrative.

Unprincipled political leaders use natural and manmade disasters as social camouflage to push unhealthy and unpopular radical decisions onto a battered and weary public. Only in politics can ineptness and incompetence survive behind hollow promises and grandiose words that deliver destructive results. Elected leaders and appointed bureaucrats never suffer personal consequences for the burdens their repeated failures pileup on the taxpayers. Honorless leaders serve only themselves.

Leadership has become the tactic of avoidance. Incompetent leadership has quickly become the greatest existential threat. The best government is the least government.

I see your readers are believing their own eyes. They see how spineless leaders appeased segments of voters by allowing months of violent riots that caused death and destruction. The same amoral group lies about a single riot to exercise their political might and personal animosity. Your eyes don’t lie.

Rick Dime