Letter: Bobbie Baehne would be a blessing to McHenry

To the Editor:

I am not able to vote, but if I could…

As a business property owner/taxpayer and entrepreneur in downtown McHenry but living a block out of voting privileges for the upcoming election, I wish I could vote for Bobbie Baehne. She is currently running for 1st Ward alderwoman.

I met Bobbie while bringing a proposal to the City Council. As I watched her, I was impressed with her forward thinking and fearless sense of stating what government should and could be.

She has stopped in at my business several times (something my current alderman has yet to do) and has thanked us for investing in our community. She is well aware that, in order to keep our property taxes from rising, we need to increase our tax base.

Bobbie told me that, “Bringing businesses and events that make McHenry a wonderful place to live and a destination for surrounding communities to visit is one of her goals.”

Bobbie was born and raised in McHenry and raised her children and now has grandchildren in the area. Her family roots, as well as owning a successful McHenry-based business, show that she has good reason to be devoted to our community and our future.

She has invested her leadership in the past as an alderwoman but, after a residential move, now has to run in a different ward.

Since I cannot vote and you may be able to, I think you would be giving McHenry a huge blessing by voting for Bobbie. She’s solid.

Valerie Ziebel

Owner Valerie’s Salon, Spa & Boutique