Letter: The party of sedition

To the Editor:

America and the world watched in horror as the President of the United States incited his rabid base to commit seditious insurrection against the capitol. The FBI is warning of more domestic terrorism to come from these Trump supporters.

This treasonous violence was aided and abetted by 126 House of Representatives and six Senate Republicans who helped foment this violence by regurgitating the debunked Goebbels style conspiracy theories parroted by Trump and right-wing propaganda machine.

The GOP claims of fraud have proven to have no merit in over 60 federal, state and Supreme Court cases.

This list of traitors to their oath of office to defend the constitution, democracy and our rule of law includes two southern Illinois Reps Mike Bost and Mary Miller.

These two venal sycophants of Trump are an embarrassment to all Illinoisans. Along with their Congressional co-conspirators, they must all be expelled from Congress, and prosecuted as accomplices to Trump’s seditious conspiracy.

Americans must be honest with ourselves. These people were elected by our fellow citizens. All of America is paying the price for it. Shameful and disgraceful.

Our local news media must be more forceful in denouncing these segregationists.

Bob Janz