Letter: Understand each other with peace in mind

To the Editor:

The slow death of the Republican party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt has transgressed common sense into a death spiral. Starting with anything goes of the 1920s, which led to the Great Depression, continuing forward to the McCarthyism of the ’50s, creating the boogeyman of intolerance, and the desperation of Nixon. 

Becoming balanced with Reagan, but seeing an emergence of the Tea Party that formulated the aristocratic emperor, the far right, and the spineless representatives who in no way can compromise nor see the folly of their ways.

The foregoing are so desperate to stop the future, they digress into paranoia and blinded to the past.  The Constitution was created by a meeting of the minds to cultivate the future, but also instill peaceful transition. Since Roman times, the art of a politician is compromise. War is failure.

Nevertheless, today we don’t want to understand each others’ side, which equals disaster. Both unrestrained capitalism and full socialism do not survive. A confluence of ideas must be established with understanding. We cannot stop the future nor can we go back. We have to live with each other.

Government is not only a tool, but the bed in which the seeds are planted. Business must invest in America, and not expect corporate welfare.

Neither should citizens expect welfare as a way of life. Citizens should marshal their voices to their representatives, in order to benefit peace and compromise. Business wants stability.

If the Republicans are to survive as a party, they must disavow the far right attitude and lawlessness. If not, the party will split and sideline their goals to oblivion.  

The same goes for the Democrats. We are at a nexus for the Republic. Nobody or party has a lock on perfect knowledge or ideas.  

Therefore, understand each other with peace in mind.

John A. Leonardi

Fox River Grove