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Water main work along Route 47 in Huntley expected to lead to disruption in traffic, water services

Contractor hired to complete project at a cost over $1.4 million

Water main work along Route 47 in Huntley is set to begin on Monday, Oct. 3, 2022, with lane closures beginning on Tuesday. Work is planned to go until December 2022.

Motorists traveling along Route 47 in Huntley can expect some delays starting this week as the village is beginning work on the road on Monday.

Water main work along Route 47 from Mill Street to Main Street will be taking place, with lane closures expected to begin Tuesday, a news release posted on the village’s website states. Those closures are expected to be in place for about 10 weeks, with the project planned to wrap up in December.

Specifically, a permanent lane closure of the outside lane along the northbound side of Route 47 will be in place starting south of Mill Street and ending at Main Street, the release states. Meanwhile, the outside lane of the southbound side of Route 47 will be in place daily from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

To pair with the traffic disruption, letters sent out to customers shows the village expects the project to affect customers’ water service in the area beginning in the third week of October, meaning boil water notices could be necessary.

“This is a water infrastructure improvement project the Village of Huntley will complete to assure our customers have safe, affordable and reliable water service,” according to the news release.

Bidding for the project shows the city chose Elgin-based Martam Construction, Inc. to carry out the project. The bid was in the amount of more than $1.4 million.

The village’s 2022 budget includes $1.2 million for water capital improvements, meaning a budget amendment will likely be needed and brought to the village board later in the year, village materials detailing the project states.

The project specifically calls for installing 1,750 feet of a 12-inch diameter water main that will replace another pipe underneath Route 47.

The pipe being replaced has suffered three breaks since 2015, with the most recent one taking place in January of this year, according to village materials. Officials hope the new pipe will lead to more efficient services.

“In addition to service and traffic disruptions, these main breaks consume staff resources, result in water loss, are costly to repair and are likely to continue unless the pipe is replaced,” village material states.