Letter: Please reconsider the ‘distressed’ flag flying

Letter to the Editor

I believe in freedom of speech and I wholeheartedly agree that everyone has a right to their opinion. My plea is to people who fly our American flag upside down as a protest against the condition our nation is going through. Hate speech, attacks, both verbal and physical, against people who have differing views, along with other forms of violent protest have never and will never correct any situation. I hope people who are using the Distress Flag status will give a little thought to what this action means to most Americans.

Could you look into the tear-filled eyes of a mother who lost her son in a battle to support your right to free speech and tell her her loss wasn’t important? Many thousands of families had loved ones who gave up all their tomorrows for our freedom and our rights. Is there a better way to express your opinions without offending families who have buried their loved ones and those who have relatives who suffer from PTSD and scores who have watched as their sons, daughters, husbands, etc., lost their battles with PTSD?

You have every right to disagree with actions taking place in our country, but please reconsider what the distressed flag status says to members of the military and their loved ones, especially to the Gold Star Families who suffer every day because of their loss. It causes more pain and doesn’t seem to advance a change. Thank you.


Donna A. McAnally

President, Blue Star Banner Program

Crystal Lake

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