Woodstock proposed 12.5% hike in water, sewer rates

Under embargo until 10 am 2/12/24

The city of Woodstock unveiled a new logo Feb. 12, 2024

Woodstock residents could soon be paying higher water bills.

The city is proposing a 12.5% increase in its water and sewer rates that officials said would increase an average quarterly bill from about $163 to $173, based on 2,200 cubic feet of usage. That’s an increase of about $40 per year. The City Council is expected to take up the proposed increase at its next meeting, starting at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

City documents say the increase “is necessary to fund the numerous EPA mandates placed upon the Water & Sewer system along with paying for significant increases in costs for chemicals needed to operate the system.” Woodstock official also cite the increased use among residents of greener options like low-flow toilets that use less water.

Competitiveness with other communities’ rates is also a factor the city considers, officials wrote, citing a study recently conducted by the city of Genoa in DeKalb County of neighboring communities. Woodstock’s current rate is 12th among 16 communities surveyed, documents show.