Letter: GOP and taxes

Letter to the Editor

It is the season to be jolly, but along comes the tax increase folly. Since I live in a predominately Republican county (you know, the party of low taxation and spending control?) I am amazed by every taxing district of government wanting more and more money.

They all claim “It’s only $19 or fill in the amount on a $300,000 home.” Well folks, I looked at last year’s tax bill and I found only 17 different taxing bodies listed on it. Do the math. And the GOP also snuck in a gas tax increase while gas prices are falling so you wouldn’t notice the increase. Congratulations on any monetary increase you may have gotten last year – it’s gone!

Oh, and ComEd and Nicor also want a giant increase on top of their massive profits. And somebody must pay for all the trees the city of McHenry planted along Green Street to increase the amount of leaves in the fall.

Chuck Berndt