Former Geneva D-304 member Leslie Juby seeks Democratic nomination for County Board Dist. 11

Juby supports controlling taxes, better ethics laws for county government

Leslie Juby

Geneva resident Leslie Juby is seeking the Democratic nomination for County Board District 11 on the June 28 ballot in a contested primary.

A substitute teacher, Juby previously served on the Geneva District 304 school board from 2007 to 2011 and from 2013 to 2021.

With an eye to the county’s finances, the economy and revenue surplus, Juby supports freezing property taxes for another year and allocating a portion of the surplus to the Property Tax Freeze Protection Fund.

As to whether she would support a 25-cent or 50-cent retail tax to non-essential purchases, Juby wrote in her answers to a Shaw Local News Network questionnaire that was sent to all candidates, that it would be premature to support any type of increase without knowing what the new money would support.

Continuing that theme, Juby wrote that it would be difficult for her to support a county-wide gas tax hike when the price of gas is so high already. Increasing the county’s gas tax would add another financial burden to county residents.

Juby also supports stronger ethics laws for county government.

“Ethics laws need to be easy to understand, inclusive, and difficult to get around,” Juby wrote in her candidate questionnaire. “Strong ethics laws and ordinances are important components in creating government transparency, accountability and ethical conduct.”

Juby believes that at a minimum, “the county ethics laws should build on the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act and add applicable language from other county ordinances that add clarity and transparency. Governmental accountability and transparency should be the goal in any measures adopted.”

In that vein, Juby wrote that municipalities should comply with the Freedom of Information Act in the interest of government transparency, and without exploiting loopholes.

Regarding paying college tuition for a public employee, Juby wrote that she supports professional development opportunities, not paying the entire college tuition of a public employee.

Brenda Schory

Brenda Schory

Brenda Schory covers Geneva, crime and courts, and features for the Kane County Chronicle