August 15, 2022


Brian DeBolt, Kendall County Board 2022 Primary Election Questionnaire

Kendall County Board member Brian DeBolt of Plano, right, files his candidate nominating petitions to run for reelection to his District 1 seat. Processing DeBolt's paperwork is Director of Elections Natalie Hisaw. (Mark Foster --

Full Name: Brian DeBolt

What office are you seeking? Re Election to the Kendall County Board District 1 Kendall county Il

What offices, if any, have you previously held? Little Rock Fire Dist. Fire Trustee

City: Plano IL

Occupation: I own Brian DeBolt Auction Service Co. Plano il

Education: Plano High School Diploma,Emergency Medical Technician, Fire Fighter School, Auctioneer school, Safety seminars,Hazmat Training, Building seminars, Administration Seminars, Continued Auctioneer Schooling and Ethics Training Mandated by the state of Illinois and several others.

Campaign Website: no

Property taxes in Kendall County are consistently among the highest in Illinois. What would you do as a county board member to limit the continued increases residents see on their property tax bills?

Bring in more commerce and industry to Kendall County to lessen the tax burden on tax payers.

Is there fat in the county budget? If so, please identify which departments or programs that you would work to either curtail or eliminate to save funds.

The county runs very efficiently, we run balanced budgets. the county is growing and demanding more not less in services and safety. The use of new technology in building design and materials to make building more efficient and maintainable and energy efficient. Create a 5 year plan for growth not a 10 year plan,times are changing quickly. A good plan needs to be revisited annually and tweaked. Make sure departments are manned efficiently and not over staffed. Get the full life out of equipment. Do not spend tax dollars just because there in the budget. Return unspent funds back to the general fund. Do not levy funds if not needed. Research and use renewable energy like we have practiced and use,like solar.

Does the county sheriff’s office require additional funding and/or staff to combat crime in the unincorporated Boulder Hill subdivision or elsewhere in the county? If yes, where would those funds come from and how should they be used?

The answer is yes, the funding will have to come from State and Federal grants, and savings from other departments. Possibly more energy efficient Transportation. Monies should be used for education and training as well as needed equipment.

As a county board member, would you support increased funding and the hiring of additional staff for the Kendall County Health Department?

I know the pandemic has had an impact on the health department, not only senior citizens but adults and children as well. If there is a need for additional staff i would support the health Dept.

Do you support ongoing efforts by local municipal and county officials to bring Metra commuter rail service to Kendall County?

I would support Metra Commuter only if the Federal government and state would support it financially. I would not support it if the tax payers had to pay for it threw taxation. It should be supported by the people that use it and the government transportation policies.

Would you support the county joining the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) as a condition for obtaining the service?

Yes, but not if it is going to impact our county tax payers.

How would you assess the county’s efforts to date to lure new businesses and industries to the county?

The county has 5 mayor highways,and I-80 to the south and I-88 to the north. We have the work force, good trades and support companies, great schools and beautiful communities and great fire and rescue services and police to assure safety.

What would you push for as a member of county government to boost local businesses?

By promoting the business we have and advertising what our county has to offer, infrastructure,location ,roads work force as well as incentives to land there companies here with out burdening the tax payers.

If elected, will you enroll in the county employee health insurance program?

To date I have not taken the Insurance saving the tax payers thousands of dollars.

What actions can the Kendall County Board take to minimize the tax burden on residents while, not sacrificing services?

By bringing in more needed business and commerce. Like I did with the Gas and wash for Plano.

Do you support decreasing local property taxes? If so, how would the county make up the difference?

Through new commercial business Large and small. along with new commerce.

How would you encourage economic and employment growth within Kendall County?

By boasting about our citizens, our towns , the pride we take, every one is essential, our schools,salaries housing ect.

Do you think there is a local crime problem? If so, what needs to be done about it?

Our local and county police departments do a great job. They can use more task force personal and resources to complete there tasks.

What local road and bridge projects should be a priority to get done in the county?

Number 1 is the Eldamain rd. bridge project and road improvement.Then rt.47 from Yorkville to Sugargrove il and improvements to Ridge rd. south to I80

Do you support stronger county government ethics laws? What measures do you support?

All of them

What are your thoughts on the Illinois Freedom of Information Act?

I think it is a good information resource especially if you can not obtain information through normal channels.

Please state your plan to maintain government transparency.

By letting the citizens and tax payers know what is going on in the county and explain why you vote on issues and the impact of those decisions.

Should government employees and officials be allowed to sign non- disclosure agreements with private businesses?

No, if you are representing all citizens of Kendall county the people who put you in office have the right to know what is going on in the county, and you should be willing to explain your decisions that you make with zoning, environmental, real estate values competitive companies ect.

Would you push for or against government officials and employees being allowed to sign non-disclosure agreements with private businesses?

I would be against this issue.