Could You Benefit From an Assistive Listening Device?

Wallace Center for Hearing - Could You Benefit From an Assistive Listening Device?

An Assistive Listening Device (ALD) is any device, other than a hearing aid, that helps a person who is deaf or hard of hearing to communicate more effectively through sound amplification or visual and vibrotactile alerts.

“Assistive listening devices are sometimes used alone, but they can also be used in conjunction with hearing aids,” explained Beth Wallace, Audiologist with Wallace Center For Hearing. “Assistive devices can improve communication and understanding for individuals with varying degrees of hearing loss.”

Assistive devices are a terrific solution for people with very mild hearing loss who may not yet want or need a hearing aid. They can be used to improve communication over the telephone or to provide better audibility while watching television. Amplified telephones and bluetooth headsets for the television are two good examples.

For those with greater degrees of hearing loss, assistive devices can supplement personal hearing aids by providing clearer communication in noisy environments, in situations with poor acoustics, or where distance is a factor. “Multiple microphones are paired with hearing aids and improve the signal-to-noise ratio in the background, improving audibility,” added Wallace. “Bluetooth TV boxes can provide a wireless connection between televisions and hearing aids, and with a bluetooth connection, hearing aids can also be paired with a cell phone.”

For people with a profound or total loss of hearing, assistive devices can provide captioning for telephone and television use. “The dialogue is typed out for the person to read,” said Wallace. “Visual and vibrotactile alerts are also used for safety alerts like fire and carbon monoxide alarms. Flashing lights may be used to signal a doorbell ringing. Vibrating or sonic alerts can be used with baby monitors, and bed shakers can be used as alarm clocks.”

Wallace Center For Hearing provides a variety of assistive listening devices. For more information, please contact Beth Wallace to determine which device may be beneficial for you.

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