Spring Valley will have garbage pickup on same day

Republic consolidates all garbage pickup to Monday to manage staffing

A yard waste receptacle for Spring Valley residents sits within a fenced-in area Monday, June 20, 2022, of the city's building on North Taylor and West First streets. The receptacle will be moved outside of the fencing to allow residents more access to it.

Regardless of where a resident lives in Spring Valley, Monday will be their garbage pickup day beginning Aug. 1.

Republic Services’ Jim Pozzi said the company intends to pick up all of the city’s residential garbage in one day, instead of across four days. Recycling will be picked up in half of the community one week, and the other half the next with designations of an A and B route.

Pozzi said there are about 2,100 homes in Spring Valley and a fleet of four trucks will be responsible for a little more than 500 homes apiece. A separate truck will handle recycling.

He said the change is to better accommodate staffing issues. If a driver calls in sick or is out of work, having a fleet of trucks allows the company to better fill that void.

Pozzi said the company still intends to pick up any missed residents within 24 hours. He said a postcard will be sent to all residents notifying them of the changes when the date is near.

The council asked Pozzi if Republic would consider picking up yard waste at homes. He said to add it to the city’s services would cost $2 per resident.

Pozzi said the city’s yard waste receptacle has not been filled in a month, which he said points to residents not participating in yard waste pickup. Council members disagreed, noting the receptacle doesn’t provide easy access to residents.

The city has a yard waste receptacle for all residents at a public works building on the corner of West First and North Taylor streets, but the receptacle is fenced in, making it inaccessible after hours and on weekends. The city plans to move the bin outside of the fencing area and monitor it with surveillance. With that said, Mayor Melanie Malooley-Thompson said she will have further conversation with Republic about the city’s options for yard waste pickup