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Oglesby to restore dual clerk-economic developer

City also might have a taker for old Reizner building

Oglesby wants to restore the office of economic development coordinator and has a candidate in mind: City Clerk Amy Eitutis.

Monday, the Oglesby City Council emerged from 40 minutes closed session and then took up the question of settling Eitutis’ salary and benefits. When the talk turned to adding the duties of economic developer, Commissioner Tom Argubright pointed out that would require a language change and tabled action on compensation.

Mayor Dom Rivara confirmed Eitutis would be the first dual city clerk-economic developer since Becky Clinard retired. Action is expected soon, perhaps at the next meeting on Tuesday, July 6, moved from the first Monday because of the Independence Day (observed) holiday.

Separately, the city might have a taker for the old Reizner building in the 200 block of East Walnut Street.

Art Pavinato wasn’t available Monday to explain his interest in purchasing the Reizner building, which the city was planning to tear down. Rivara said the council would hear Pavinato out, as there is time before demolition begins. The only current occupants are Indian bats, a protected species that will keep the city from razing the building until they migrate in October.

Finally, Rivara and the council hailed Oglesby Summer Fun Fest as a success. Rivara called it “a very family friendly” event and Commissioner Carrie Lijewski reported “very little” trouble with respect to law enforcement.