Peru QuikTrip to open June 8

City hopes to grab sales, motor fuel tax revenue off interstate traffic from new truck stop

QuikTrip Corporation is a regional convenience store retailer with more than 900 stores in 14 states. It will be located 1340 May Rd.

Peru residents and travelers will have another convenience and gasoline option off of Interstate 80 beginning Thursday, June 8.

QuikTrip Corporation is a regional convenience store retailer with more than 900 stores in 14 states. A new store will be located 1340 May Road, Peru.

QT offers an array of food, specialty drinks and frozen dessert at their QT kitchen counters, including bacon egg and cheese biscuits, cold brew drinks, soft serve and subs, among other items, according to its website.

“Years ago, I did a lot of commuting. QuikTrip is always a quick and convenient choice to pick up delicious freshly-made breakfast sandwiches and coffee,” Corporate Counsel Scott Schweickert said.

The retailer was approved by Peru’s planning and zoning committee in September 2021, after years of city officials meeting with QT, in the hopes the company would open in Peru.

“It’s almost like the Taj Mahal of truck stops.”

—  Scott Schweickert, Peru corporate counsel

Development Director Bob Vickrey said the Peru Economic Development team tried to put a deal together eight years ago, but it didn’t work out.

Schweickert said one of the reasons the QuikTrip development worked out now was tearing down the former Tiki Inn, next store.

“Once that went down, I think it really revealed the potential in the area,” he said. “It’s almost like the Taj Mahal of truck stops. I would have never thought that you’d have outdoor patio seating south of May Road.”

Schweickert believes the convenience retailer will “pull off a whole new customer base.”

“It’s supposed to be a quick trip and not take away from business, so to speak, from people who live here locally, but really trying to get these people off the interstate,” he said.

The benefits to the community are tenfold as tax revenue from motor fuel and sales tax will increase, as well as employment opportunities. Peru Mayor Ken Kolowski recently cited a report 28,000 vehicles drive past Peru each day on the interstate.

“It is such an investment in the city,” Schweickert said. “It’s a very nice development and it’s going to spur the redevelopment of that entire area on May Road east of Route 251.”

While it is slated to be constructed on May Road west of Route 251, Peru also recently approved the sale of land for the building of a new Popeyes restaurant, which may open this fall.