Peru council paves the way for a QuikTrip Gas Station off Interstate 80 exit

QuikTrip reps plan to file for building permits in the coming weeks

Traffic moves smoothly at the intersection of Illinois 251 and Interstate 80 north of Peru.

Following a planning and zoning committee public hearing and Monday night’s ordinance, the city of Peru has paved the way for a QuikTrip gas station and convenience store to open on the northern end of town, near Interstate 80.

The QuikTrip is planned to be located near Four Star Family Restaurant on the real estate that is generally located from 1320 to 1340 May Road. The property is located in a highway business district.

The plot of land that is planned to be used is owned by multiple parties, including Purelku and National Oil, as the organization has been working diligently to acquire the necessary property.

During the public hearing, QuikTrip representatives stated the store will offer truck fueling, but no amenities for truckers as well as a fast food restaurant component with barbeque and other food items.

The approved ordinance also included multiple variances at the request of QuikTrip. These variances include the maximum allowed surface area for a free standing sign increase from 375 to 633 square feet, maximum height for freestanding sign increase from 65 to 100 feet as well as an increase in maximum allowed viewable area for individual window signs.

QuikTrip Real Estate Project Manager JD Dudley stated during the public hearing that the window signage will display QuikTrip monthly food items and will not allow marketing from non-QuikTrip products such as cigarettes or alcohol.

The location does not franchise as the development will be a corporate store that adheres to its strict corporate store and employee appearance standards.

The QuikTrip organization has been working closely with city engineer Eric Carls and the Illinois Department of Transportation to ensure the correct protocol is pursuing this location.

The planning and zoning committee stated in their minutes that they found the request for this real estate to not alter the character of the land, impair an adequate supply of light or air, endanger public safety and they recommended the petition be approved by Peru City Council.

The council obliged the recommendation and unanimously approved the ordinance Monday night. Dudley stated that QuikTrip is excited about the planned project and that they will be filing for building permits in the coming weeks.