La Salle approves $12,500 downtown redevelopment grant for 1157 First St.

Project will create room for a second tenant after construction completion

La Salle City Council approved a $12,500 Redevelopment Incentive Program grant to Brandee Bell and Mike Kmetz of Bank Ventures LLC for their property located at 1157 First Street.

The planned project will include a number of renovations inside and outside the building. The project aims to remove concrete masonry unit walls to accommodate two new storefront entrances, enclose and square off existing corner entrances, and install new window units.

Seven new windows, two bronze anodized storefront systems, two gable roofs and the reworking of the building’s gutter system also will be included in the planned construction.

Kmetz was in attendance for Monday’s City Council meeting and said the building will be undergoing a variety of improvements.

“What we are asking for is a facade restoration grant,” Kmetz said. “Right now it’s just a rectangular building with punched window openings. We are going to increase the window openings, put new windows in and create two new entrances facing east and the building will be divided up for two businesses.”

Kmetz said he already has been in agreement with another business owner to become a tenant of the planned second business space in the location.

Many City Council members said they were happy to see further development on the east side of the downtown area.

Construction is underway at the building, and the total estimated cost of the project was about $50,000.

Jayce Eustice

Covering local government, breaking news and whatever is thrown at me for the La Salle News Tribune