Trial continues for Demarcus Denwiddie, accused of shooting Grundy County deputy in 2021

GRUNDY COUNTY – A Joliet man accused of shooting a Grundy County sheriff’s deputy multiple times following a 2021 traffic stop, was back in court Thursday, as jurors heard from several witnesses including an expert who testified that shell casings found at the scene matched the suspect’s weapon.

Demarcus Denwiddie, 19, of Joliet, allegedly shot Deputy Tyler Post after the officer stopped his vehicle on Oct. 7, 2021, prosecutors said. Denwiddie has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder, aggravated discharge of a firearm, and three counts of aggravated battery.

Jurors heard opening statements on Wednesday from State’s Attorney Russell Baker and Grundy County Public Defender Michael Olewinski, as well as Post and several witnesses who outlined events that took place that day.

According to prosecutors, Post attempted to stop Denwiddie’s vehicle, but the 19-year-old fled the scene after the deputy got out of his car. Denwiddie then crashed near the railroad crossing at Grand Ridge Road in Mazon, prosecutors said.

After the crash, Denwiddie fled his vehicle and Post chased after him. As Post was closing in, Denwiddie fired four rounds, shooting the officer in the arm, chest, and back area, prosecutors allege. Post was wearing a bulletproof vest, which stopped two of the three rounds fired at him.

In the process of firing the gun, Denwiddie also shot himself in the left arm. He was unable to fire any of the 13 rounds that were left in the magazine, as one round jammed in the chamber. Denwiddie was apprehended at an apartment complex on Depot Street in Mazon a few hours later.

Several law enforcement officers testified in regard to the evidence collected at the scene and the arrest of Denwiddie.

Channahon Police Detective Ethan Anderson testified that he arrested Denwiddie and placed a tourniquet on his left arm before placing him in the ambulance and back into the custody of the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office.

Two Illinois State Police officials also took the stand for the prosecution, describing evidence recovered from the scene and the semi-automatic weapon used in the shooting.

Trooper Kyle Klingen testified that he recovered a black Glock-19 firearm from a resident’s lawn on Main Street in Mazon, as well as a “fired projectile.” The projectile was recovered in the closet of an apartment complex where Denwiddie was arrested. Klingen said it was discovered on top of a pillowcase with “red blood-like stains on top.”

The state called two Grundy County Sheriff’s officials to discuss evidence recovered from the scene. Detective Sergeant Vic Elias testified about the three shell casings recovered from the scene along with other evidence, such as Denwiddie’s wallet.

Steven Lopz, a forensic scientist, also testified that the cartridges and projectiles recovered from the scene matched the black Glock-19 that Klingen recovered.

Earlier in the day, Dr. Michael Kryza with Morris Hospital was the first to testify. He gave details of the three gunshot wounds Post suffered.

During cross-examination Olewinski, questioned whether Post suffered any permanent nerve damage. Kryza said that in the emergency room, they look for “gross deficiencies,” and when he treated Post there was no nerve damage.

The state is expected to rest its case on Friday. It is unknown if Denwiddie will testify. The trial reconvenes at 9:30 a.m. at the Grundy County Courthouse in Morris, with Grundy County Judge Sheldon Sobel overseeing the case.